The Morning Dump: 2/6/12

Happy Monday morning after the Super Bowl to you.  If you are at work today I hope your hangover is not too bad.  If you are off then enjoy the day and have another Sriracha Bloody Mary for me.  I hope you enjoy The Morning Dump because it will be a daily piece every weekday morning.

RIP to the 2011 NFL season.  You will be missed.

Has there ever been a better actor to play the president in a movie than Harrison Ford?  No there hasn’t.

Condit beats Diaz and earns shot at GSP.

WVU cancels road game at FSU.  Looks like that move to the Big-12 is coming?

Swamp People starts back Thursday night on The History Channel.  “Shoot Liz, Shoot it”.

I want to see the hockey movie Goon when it comes out.

The man that painted the offices of Facebook in 2004 took a couple of thousand dollars in stock instead of cash for payment.  It’s now worth $200 million.  If you would like to do work for us at The Sports Dump we can also pay you in stock.  It’s handwritten on a napkin but it’s going to be good someday I promise.

I am so glad that Madonna didn’t show us her breast last night.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?  Mine was the Kia Man Dream one with Motley Crue, Ty Murray riding a rhino, Chuck Liddell and hot women.

Interesting fact for today is that Charles Darwin ate the meat of every species of animal he discovered.

Madonna was alright but U2’s tribute to 9/11 halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVI was the best ever.

Chelsea can’t spell its own name in pitchside ad.  I know how you feel Chelsea.

Hockey’s Hit of the Year so far.

Feds in NY shut down 16 sports streaming websites.

Listening to Bruce Springsteen’s best album this morning, the Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Have a great day.  Thanks for reading.

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