The Morning Dump: 8/23/12

Waking up with some J. Geils Band and Peter Wolf on iHeart Radio this morning.  Forgot how good the J. Geils Band was.

It didn’t take long for Derek Jeter to respond to Skip Bayless’s comments about DJ possibly taking HGH, “What do you want me to say? I ain’t getting involved with this, man,” Jeter said  “You can say whatever you want to say now. There’s no repercussions. … That’s the unfortunate thing, you know what I’m saying? Whenever you have people that anytime you bring something like this to light with guys that are doing things, it’s like, now you have everybody questioning everything. That’s the unfortunate thing. Maybe Skip should be tested.” 

Speaking of PEDs, Bartolo Colon has been suspended 50 games for testing positive for testosterone.  I was thinking about taking steroids, but if I would still be a fat ass like Bartolo Colon I am not gong to bother.

Joe Haden got kicked out of Cleveland Browns practice for being to rough on rookie WR Travis Benjamin in 1-on-1 drills.  Apparently the coaching staff doesn’t see many Browns players play tight D, so they thought it was too rough.  How many team’s roughest player is a CB? 1?  Note to AFC North…  Good luck with this batch of vicious 2-hand-touchers.

Are there any readers who are 24-years-old, 6’3″, 250lbs and have great linebacker skills?  My Saints are hiring.

I saw a list of the 10 players who could be the next Lionel Messi.   Continue reading